03 Apr

ACTIVAGE Project: OSC Innovation in the visionary European project on Smart Living Environments.

  • Posted by andrea

OSC Innovation was chosen in the first call of ACTIVAGE, the European Multi Centric Large-Scale Pilot on Smart Living Environments for Ageing Well funded by HORIZON2020 program.

Their ultimate goal is generating evidence about the positive impact of IoT based technologies and services can generate in the improvement of the quality of life, health and autonomy of older population Europe.

In line with this, ACTIVAGE has created an interoperable ecosystem, which enables the integration of new technologies and the replication of the current services in other regions in a simple way, and guaranteeing the users’ privacy and security. To this end, OSC Innovation, will incorporate interactive applications, for continue extending the ACTIVAGE Community, where almost 3.000 users are currently receiving active ageing services and will continuously grow up to 7.000 in next 6 months.



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