Oriented to the continuous development of innovative solutions with a high creative impact, we develop applications with augmented and virtual immersive reality, interactive systems, 360° videos, holograms, 3D mapping and robotics for entertainment.

Constantly at the forefront of technology and content, we imagine new technological and narrative visions for virtuality and automation used in live events and installations, web and mobile apps, creative campaigns, research and development projects.

High innovative contribution, integrated management for problem solving and achievement of the specific objectives, with interventions tailored to each project. We consider as highly important the attention to the relationship with the customer, their needs and opportunities, typical of our collaborative culture.

The know-how, the Italian and international experience for more than ten years, numerous case histories and the continuous technological updating are founded on the ability to interpret socio-anthropological changes in which we are naturally immersed.

The excellence in the development of multimedia content and software architectures, integrating hardware, combined with the originality of the ideas and the value of our network of partners, is translated into effective projects and high emotional impact. Unique experiences, designed for specific marketing, communication, entertainment, education, research, development and automation needs.

Creating new technology, language and processes, we participate and prepare the virtual continuum and the internet of everythings.



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