OSC Innovation is an atelier that creates customized projects with creative contents and advanced technologies for large companies and institutions. Events, applications, installations, campaigns, enhancing imagination with 4.0 solutions, to transform any content into a living and interactive experience.

Augmented reality and virtual reality, robotics and the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, new media, combined with innovative ideas for high impact turnkey solutions.

Digital innovation and transformation, magic mirrors and cyber-physical installations, new concept APPs. All based on international know-how and experience, cases of excellence, constant technological updating, passion and ability to interpret changes.

Creative ideas, software architectures, hardware integration and the value of people, mean effective and emotional projects, more simply unique experiences.


19 Dec

Master Management and Innovation: OSC Innovation supports the path of John Cabot University

The partnership between OSC Innovation and John Cabot University continues through the launch of the 1st level Master’s Degree in Management and Business Innovation in International context, starting in February 2020. The aim is to train young managers capable of understanding change and mastering methods and tools to enhance innovation and creativity in business management.

13 Nov

MInds in touch at AICRO 2019

OSC Innovation took part in the work of the AICRO 2019 conference with a report on the new frontiers of clinical experimentation. The event saw the participation of CROs, professionals and institutions of the specific sector, as well as innovation and HR experts, ‘minds in touch’ to find constructive solutions to the new challenges of

02 Oct

Exercise with an APP mobile: an effective and engaging case.

‘Exercising with the use of a smartphone application improved cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition, cholesterol profiles and psychological outcomes in PLWH.’ These are the results of a research based ‘on 16-weeks improvements of physical fitness, metabolic and psychologic parameters in people living with HIV (PLWH) exercising with the support of a smartphone application.’ OSC Innovation is

08 Apr

Artificial intelligence with a heart: OSC Innovation and Querlo become partners.

OSC Innovation is happy to announce the partnership with Querlo. The goal is to empower conversational solutions with a heart, thanks to creativity, artificial intelligence and mixed reality – try it We build humanoids that support research and development, employees and business operations and elevate customer experience. Technologists, scientists, strategists and creatives, with a mission


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