07 Apr

New portal of the Italian Society of Nephrology by OSC Innovation

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OSC Innovation has become the reference point for the web portals design and management of the Italian Society of Nephrology (S.I.N.) the network of nephrology knowledge that collects studies and best practices in the field founded in 1907.

The new web portal S.I.N. also propose the video-campaign for the prevention and sensitization to renal pathologies Checkmate to the kidney in 3 movementscreated and developed by OSC Innovation work team. The video can be visualized in traditional version and in virtual reality with video 360° for mobile and pc. Link video

The goal is to publish scientific-medical information. A way to involve public opinion and promote the initiative of sensitization, protection and health education that the S.I.N has proposed last march 9th because of the world kidney day.

“Checkmate the diseased kidney” is the campaign motto that the video proposes in a hypothetical game on a virtual chessboard, a symbolic place to “checkmate” in 3 movements the diseased kidney for a world without dialysis.

The protagonists of this game are the patient, the illness and the doctor who in an imaginary temple find the strategies to overcome the diseased kidney. On the three Greek pillars, virtual pillars of this arena, the three movements take shape: prevention, early detection and awareness of organ donation to “checkmate” the disease. Three guidelines for the dawn of a new day in this figurative space, a visual metaphor and guarantee of continuity with the history of medicine in the Mediterranean, cradle of Western scientific research.

With virtual images and metaphors, with a more dynamic aspect, the video presents the new portal of the Italian Society of Nephrology and its activities.

You Tube OSC Innovation Video – Video 360° 

Here the experience video 360°, try with your mouse:


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