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Mexico to talk about innovation and vision of the future

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March 6, 2017 – OSC Innovation is the international guest of the Universidad de Oriente Campus Cancun (Mexico) for the congress “Innovate and start up to transform” at the inauguration of the auditorium “Poliforum Milenium”.

Innovation, Transformation, Technology and Education.

OSC Innovation has been invited to speak on these key issues as representative of one of the leading Italian companies in the use of new technologies and the testing of business processes based on continuous and up-to-date training in the field.

The conference began with the presentation of Andrea Bellezza (Strategic Director and Co-founder of OSC Innovation) “Adapting to changes and start a business: Opportunities and Challenges faced by the technological influence in professional life and Human Development” was the title for his opening speech where he presented to Mexican students and entrepreneurs, the importance of the decision to invest in a company that has for fifteen years in the use and Development of technological innovation.

OSC Innovation is proud to represent Italy and our country’s innovation in technology application and the ability of our companies to be competitive in the market, focusing on the future scenarios of the world economy.

A capacity that Mexico and institutions such as universities appreciate and have the pleasure of sharing to create the foundation of a suitable formation future generations to the changes and developments that our company offers in an increasingly pressing manner.

Italy and Mexico: The Economies and Technologies that get near

Today the Mexican and Italian economies are very close in terms of GDP, but in 2030 Mexico is expected to be one of the ten largest economies in the world and, the second largest economic power in Latin America (after Brazil). A which is investing heavily in services, industry and technology through the importation of Italian products made in Italy in various fields.


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